Alexis Trudeau

Online Entrepeneur and CEO

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Hey there!

My full name is Alexis Trudeau, I live in Canada 🍁. I love everything about computers, going from hardware to software. I am mostly Thankfull to my father who got me into computers at such a young age. Now, knowing all this doesn't make sense without sharing it, so this is why I decided to create this website. I want to share my knowledge and some other things along the way. I also work on multiple small projects just to be able to help as much as possible.

Here's some info

Some of my accomplishements


Currently 17 active repositories, graded A+ Here!

Part Time

Main projects are Artivain, Vinix Network and Hybrid Hosting. Also working on ZMC-Global & some other projects on the side.


Growing my skills and knowledge. I'm currently learning Science and Technology.


I love helping so if you need help, contact me using the email below!

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